In the era of headbands, bows and other hair accessories, Scarf plays a major role in styling your hair from short hair to long hairs, it’s amazingly awesome and I am obsessed with all. We also know scarf comes in many patterns and designs but did you know there were thousands of ways to drape a scarf in your hair? 

You look even prettier and classy by styling a scarf in your hair.

I am surely making a video on this soon and below I shared 5 looks to styling your hairs with a scarf

How to tie headscarves in 5 different ways?

  • PONYTAIL STYLE – Scarf helps to upgrade your pony rather than your normal pony. All you have to do simply tie a ponytail and knot the scarf on top of your hair rubber band. Repeat this process one or more according to the length of your hair and let the ends hang down… and that’s pretty much easy and simple. This looks perfect only with lightweight or bandana that gives a chic look.
  • MESSY BUN STYLE – Messy bun takes only 5 seconds to make as it’s super easy and quick. Knot a scarf for a couple of times at the top of your bun to create an effortless messy look. You can wear this look anywhere to give a chic look. Also, it adds volume to your messy bun so go for it.
  • HEADBAND STYLE – This style is one of my favorites out of all and looks super cute. This style replaces with headbands that bring new change to your looks and appearance. Take a scarf and wrap at the of the head and tuck the ends. Headband style looks great with a ponytail, bun, braids, and more.
  • ROSE STYLE- This style gives such a feminal look to your hair. Rose style works for long hair length, all you have to do make pony for half of the hairs and rest the other half hairs left as you have seen in the picture. Now role your scarf for a couple of times until it becomes flowers and tie with bobby pins and it’s done. This looks super classic in parties, picnics, and more.